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Before we start to read this story,.Lets we start with praying to The GOd.....
oke temen2 sebeLOm kita muLai baca postingan giLa ini mari kita baca do'a sebeLUm makan.. Lho?? mari kita membaca do'a menurut kepercayaan masing2....


untuk kaLi ini sih, aku berencana membuat kartu undangan.. ups, maksud ku, aku mau bikin sebuah diskotik, jiah...diskograpi atau sejara suatu Band yang menurut saya, termasuk ke metaL juga dikit.. hehehe....aku sering dengerin band ini di mp3 kesayangan ku... nama band nya ELuveitie,

for this one, i've pLan for make the invitation card, ups, i mean, i'LL construct the buiLding of discotick, upz sorry again, i mean discography about one of metaL band in the worLd and on my mp3,. haha.why?? in my mp3 i have one song of them.... okay,.. this one, the band is ELuveitie..

di ambiL dari Lastfm...

Lets check it out

Eluveitie (pronounced el-vey-ti) is a celtic folk metal band from Switzerland, formed in 2002. They use both traditional Swiss and Celtic instruments alongside electric guitars and drums. Their music is known to be inspired by Gothenburg’s Melodic Death Metal Scene and their lyrics are written in a mix of English, Gaullic and Swiss dialects.

Their first album was the self financed “Vên,” released in 2003. After that they have released four full-length albums: “Spirit” (2006), “Slania” (2008), “Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion” (2009) and “Everything Remains As It Never Was” (2010). The second to last of those is completely acoustic and contains various guest artists, such as Fredy Schnyder from Nucleus Torn playing the hammered dulcimer on two tracks, Oli S. Tyr from the German medieval band Faun contributing the sounds of the long-necked lute on the title track, Alan Nemtheanga from the Irish pagan metal band Primordial presents his vocals in two tracks, Mina The Fiddler from the experimental folk band Branâ Keternâ playing the 5-stringed viola on two tracks and Sarah Wauquiez, their former band member, playing Zugerörgeli (helvetic accordion) on one track.

Band Members

Chrigel Glanzmann: Main Vocals, Octave Mandolin, Tin & Low Whistles, Uilleann Pipes, Bodhran
Meri Tadic: Fiddle, Vocals
Anna ‘Autumns_Breath’ Murphy: Hurdygurdy, Vocals

bagi yang mau downLoad Lagu nya, siLahkan kLik aja gambar dibawah ini

Eluveitie - SPIRIT ALBUM


oke pren...moga bermanfaat... i hope so.. hehee......
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