Loosing for someone is you're lesson

hey dear all my friends anyone who read my story in this blog. we meet again in another story.... this time i will tell you about how it feels to loose someone. someone that very precious, someone who make you happy, and even though he/she make you mad.. but you keep smyle and laugh together with him/her.
but once of time separation will be exist between you.

so dont waste a moment with her, dont ever let them go,.. keep on you're arms, dont make a disapointment..keep a promise, keep you're confidence. commit you're relations, dong give a damn for you're love ones... coz you will be able to disappointed with yours.. anger, emotional, and madness will haunt you..

there is looks like my story. when i have a girl friend,we together in 2 years. she is very important for me. all we had been through. fun, excitement, sadness we had through all. but it is over now. yess we dont know what happen.. all just walked away. we dont know who make a crusher.. we felt in the right way each other. we had an egoistic. we cant keep our promise and its all end up.

she dumped me about 2 months ago.. i dont know what she thinks, it just happened, in religius holiday. i still remember when she hurt me. when everything going fine. she never think what i'm thinking. when i seriously to through this relation. suddenly she dumped me.. and thats make me down, but i believe, she did it for the best for me or her. it is the best way for us.

time by time, day by day, i still remember when we together, we dont know how fool is this..our love is just happen. we know each other if we are crazy people in love. all of different we had, but we just walked away in our story. now all being the memorial.

i would to tell you about this,.If you have someone that important to  you, you should to hold it, hold them,.. dont get away before you got a disapointment. you must see for the lyrics of Endah N Rhesa - When You Love Some One. those Lyrics describe of this story, you know what i mean? i like in this words "when you love someone, don't ever let it go. or you will loose you're chance, to make you're dreams come true."
yess it's true. i agree with this lyrics... everyone is agree with this sentence. so you can explain what the meaning of it by you're own...

so dont waste you're chance with you're boy or girlfriend... dont try to leave them or to try cheating them. dont be a betrayer. coz you will get a looser, and then you will blaming others for the mistakes. as though it is not you're fault.

Life is a choice, life is a chance, dont waste you're chance for something it's not important, don't waste you're choice that make you disappinted.

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